United We Stand!

United We Stand!


Solar Panels At West

Art, Gym, Music, Spanish, and Library

Our activity/special area teachers have a whole lot to offer: Activity Classes.

Technical Support During Remote Learning

If you run into any technical issues during Remote Learning, please reach out to our support line (eHelp@glencoeschools.org). Our team members are ready to assist you with questions from home.

NEW! APP Status Page: Click here to check on the status of our most commonly used APPs.

Visit our Remote Learning Page with more information and FAQs to help support you.

West School Remote-Learning Attendance

WEST SCHOOL Remote-Learning Student Attendance Form
Please submit this form for each child everyday of Remote-Learning. This is daily requirement from the Illinois State Board of Education. Submitting this form acknowledges your child has participated in the required Remote-Learning activities for the day Daily Attendance Form. This form will also be linked to the teachers’ Remote-Learning page each day we are in session. We are asking that the attendance form be submitted by a parent or guardian by... More

Lisa Graff visits West School

Author Lisa Graff had arrived in town before the call was made to close our schools on Friday, March 13. Since she was already here, we invited her to do a video presentation of her books and life as an author. Here is the link to her presentation: Lisa Graff. Thank you to our PTO for bringing Ms. Graff to West and thank you to our CLC Director Mary Kelly for pulling this all together.

On the Horizon at West

Mark Your Calendar:
The following are important dates pertaining to West School activities and events:

Note: This schedule will be adjusted to reflect changes in our school calendar as the information becomes available:
May 1: Fourth Grade Music Program
May 5: Project Welcome 2nd - 3rd
May 15: Third Grade Music Program
May 19: Project Welcome 4th - 5th
May 27, 28, and 29: Family Fitness
June 10: Field Day

Read more about these West School events by regularly visiting our school web page: More west News