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Solar Panels At West

West School S.T.E.A.M. Fair

We are excited to announce the first annual West School Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) Fair (in conjunction with the District 35 evening event We Care for our World: Designing a Better Future)! The event will take place on Thursday, April 25th from 5:00-6:30 PM at Central School.

Your child was given information about the STEAM fair during CLC class last week.

While this is a voluntary, extra-curricular event,... More

Digital Citizenship

This week during CLC class, West School students will take part in a digital citizenship lesson on how to identify and cope with cyberbullying. Students will learn that cyberbullying is using the Internet or other electronic tools to harass, threaten, embarrass, or spread rumors about another person.

Students are taught to stop, block and tell if they are the target of a cyberbully.
Stop! Do not engage a cyberbully.
Block! If... More

Winter Recess

Winter Recess: Cold weather is upon us. Students will remain outside at the start of the day, during classroom recess, and during lunch time recess until the air temperature or wind chill is below zero degrees Fahrenheit. We monitor the temperature through Accuweather.  In order to play in the snow, students will need boots, snow pants, coat, gloves, and a hat. These items should be marked with the student’s name for easy... More

Chorus Club Winter Concert 2018

Winter Concert Video: On Thursday evening, December 13, the West School Chorus Club entertained family and friends at our annual West School Winter Concert in Misner Auditorium. Ms. Sarah Porretta (Chorus Club Director and West School Music teacher), led the chorus club in several memorable songs including: We are West, I’d Do Anything, Put on a Happy Face, Shenandoah, and High Hopes. Winter Concert 2018

On the Horizon at West

Mark Your Calendar:
The following are important dates pertaining to West School activities and events:

February 19 - 22: Fourth Grade Applied Engineering

Read more about these West School events by regularly visiting our school web page: West School Web Page. We will keep the West School Calendar current.

Morning Routine at West

Routines are important: Every morning our library is open at 08:00 for students to do quiet work. This is a good time to catch up on reading or maybe some school-work that may not have gotten the attention that it should have before coming to school. No pre-registration is required for the “library before school.” The front-lawn of the school is supervised every morning beginning at 08:20. Students usually make good use of the... More


Keeping the Car Line Safe

Welcome to West School: On the first day of school all third-graders and new fourth-graders, will be instructed on the safe way to enter and exit cars in our car line. Students will be taught to enter and exit cars on the curbside. For the West School Car Line, this means that students will enter and exit cars on the driver’s side of the car, which will be the curbside. Please be... More